As any parent knows, having a child brings an array of medical bills and expenses, but when these expenses result from a birth injury or other medical malpractice, you don't have to face it alone.

Birth injuries occur in one in every three births and are often the result of negligence on the part of the doctors or nurses during delivery. A birth injury lawyer can help you get compensation for your physical, emotional, or financial injuries.

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Causes Of Birth Injury


Many factors can come into play regarding the birth process, whether you're giving birth or assisting in delivering another person's child.

One of the most important things you need to remember during this time is the safety of you and the baby you are delivering.

If your security isn't marked as your top priority, it can result in severe injuries to you or your baby. Here, we have added the leading causes of birth injury.

  • Excessive Force: Excessive force during childbirth can lead to a birth injury. This can happen when the medical staff or mother exerts too much pressure. Some cases are intentional, but most are accidental. Either way, pregnant women must know how they could be at risk for this type of injury. You should speak with a doctor about filing a formal complaint if excessive force may have been used during your delivery.
  • Medication Errors: Medication errors are among the top causes of birth injury in the United States. This can happen when a doctor or nurse prescribes incorrect dosages, incorrectly uses a drug, or fails to include information about a patient's allergies. Both parents and nurses/doctors must be fully aware of any medication allergies before administering any medication during labor.
  • Use Of Inappropriate Delivery Room Methods: Healthcare professionals are responsible for treating and caring for their patients correctly, including physicians and nurses in delivery rooms. During childbirth, issues arise if these professionals don't follow the correct delivery room protocols. Your infant might experience oxygen deprivation or other injuries at the hands of the doctor. As a result, your kid may have a birth injury that will have a lifelong impact.
  • Incorrect Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: Medical professionals should use specialized equipment to closely and continually monitor the fetus' heart rate during labor and delivery. Such meticulous monitoring during labor and delivery is to spot any deviations from the baby's expected average heart rate. If a healthcare professional notices the shift in time, they should take the appropriate action to prevent any issues. However, a birth injury or defect might happen if the child's heart rate is not swiftly controlled.
  • Infant Brain Gets Too Little Oxygen: Medical professionals must carry out C-sections and other delivery operations accurately and in the correct sequence. The infant's brain can suffer significant oxygen deprivation if doctors delay a crucial procedure for too long, such as when the baby is kept in the delivery canal for excessive time. Due to birth hypoxia, the child may develop mental disorders or impairments if oxygen deprivation lasts too long.

How A Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help

There are a few ways through which a birth injury lawyer can help you. We have added them below:

  • To Get Compensation For Injuries: If you or your child has been injured during childbirth, you must seek the services of a birth injury lawyer. The sooner you find out about the injury and seek treatment, the better chance your child will have for recovery. Your child may be able to return to everyday life without limitations, or they may need lifelong care. A birth injury lawyer can help protect your rights and get your child all the medical care they deserve.
  • To Help You Through The Legal Process: If you or your loved one has been injured in the hospital during childbirth, you need the help of an experienced birth injury lawyer. The legal process can be overwhelming and scary, but with the proper support, things will get easier. Birth injury lawyers can offer valuable advice and guidance on what to do next. They'll handle all the paperwork and fight for your rights in court. They're even there to answer your questions and address any concerns you have along the way. There are many benefits to working with a birth injury lawyer, but one of the most important is that they can give you peace of mind in knowing that your case is being handled properly.
  • To Stand Up For Your Rights: The birth injury lawyer you hire will not only help you get the compensation and medical treatment you deserve, but they will also stand up for your rights. Many people don't realize that their child's birth injuries are caused by something that could have been prevented. Don't let this happen to your family! Get the advice and support of an experienced birth injury lawyer like Ryan Hughes Law today.

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