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What Clients Are saying about us:

11 months - 11 months from the exact day my car accident happened and my case was settled. Reflecting back, I think of the day my accident happened, it changed my life forever. I made the call to Ryan Hughes. Thank God I did. My world had to be put on on auto pilot physically, due to my injuries, he knew exactly what to do and when to do it, and I didn’t even realize it, at the time. He made every phone call, every doctor appointment, even if I needed a ride somewhere instead of driving, he was involved in every single step of the way, he was there for me during all hours, speaking with my husband. He did whatever it took to ensure I was taken care of and knew exactly where to send me for EVERYTHING I needed.

I thought that my car accident would change my life for the worse. I reflect back, although I wish I didn’t happen, it did. Ryan made sure that the outcome of my accident changed my life for the better. It 1000% did - all because of my ONE call to Ryan.

There are not enough words or gratitude that I have for the hard work and dedication Ryan and his team put in to the day in and day out of helping me. Through staying in touch with me if I didn’t call him, making sure I was OK, finding the right doctor, therapist, my TWO major surgeries. All during the pandemic!! Making things happen, when there was no way I had the physical or mental capacity to even try to do what he got done. In 11 months. The best thing was is that I know he truly cared. He got me my life back, and kicked butt with the insurance companies. He is smart, professional, and doesn’t stop until any client gets what they needs and deserves.

I recommend Ryan Hughes to my family, friends and anyone seeking a fair, honest, straightforward, and will not settle for anything less than what is the BEST outcome for you. 100% Best beyond words. - A Google User